Everything you need to know about the EDEx 2018

Are you working in education and ready to experience something new? Take part in our three day event!

EDEx2018 starts on Monday 22nd of January 2018.

In this three day expedition you will gain learning experiences by designing education and doing on the job. After the event you will return home with a backpack filled with actionable new ways of executing education.

Design thinking

We believe that creativity and innovation arise when processes are properly facilitated. We are the facilitators, so you can submerge yourself in a process called Design Thinking. The best part is: You’re not only going to learn about Design Thinking, you are going to experience it by applying it on a genuine educational context, perhaps even your own.


Leaders in disruptive education will inspire and trigger you about all kinds of educational topics. This includes testing, feedback, maker-education, holacracy, talent development and theory-U.
Learn from these industry leaders and apply your new found insights and knowledge to the products you’re developing in the design thinking sessions. 

The power of difference

An important aspect for an impactful educational design developed based on creativity and innovation, is a multidisciplinary design team. We welcome all teachers, policy staff and support staff of all levels of education and all nationalities. Imagine how your talents and expertise can contribute to a great new learning experience during this expedition.

5 things you need to know

  1. There are only 90 places available for the complete 3-day expedition
  2. Early bird discount is available until November 21st 2017
  3. EDEx2018 takes place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  4. You can bring your whole team to the expedition
  5. Multiple price packages are available


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